VNS Update (20 Weeks)

Last Wednesday morning, whilst staying at my grandma’s, I had two seizures. And although they left me feeling sore and frustrated for the first time in a long while they didn’t leave me feeling hopeless. You see, four weeks ago I had my first follow up appointment with my Epilepsy Nurse since we switched on …

Just Stop Asking

Right now one of my main triggers for social anxiety is having to constantly answer the question, ‘so what are you doing at the moment?’. My automatic response is normally ‘not much’ but it seems this is insufficient. Although most people ask the question because they’re either genuinely interested or just want to start a conversation, for me it is painful to answer…

The Magic of Relativity

At the start of this Summer I was the lowest I’ve been in four years, yet as Autumn makes itself fully known I’m in the best mental state I’ve been in probably for a decade. I don’t know what it is that has triggered this drastic change in the way I think and consequently feel, perhaps 24 is just a magic age, but for the first time in forever I am reasonably ok with being me.

Speed Bumps on the Road of Life

Over the past week or so I’ve written a lot of blogs in my head but none have been typed out or posted. They’ve all been too depressing or angry, too filled with uncontrolled emotions to format into an actual piece. You see, describing the last few months as bumpy is a drastic understatement. I …

The ‘E Word’

When people discuss co-morbid metal health issues and ongoing conditions the main focus is often the difficulty of coming to terms with one’s diagnosis. When it comes to epilepsy I never had to do that, I was diagnosed at the age of three, it’s always just been a part of who I am. However, every single day I have to come to terms with the daily impact it has on my life.