Over the past few years, I have been given multiple presentations at the Autistica Festival, the largest Autism conference in the UK. Below you can watch all three of them.

The first two are in relation to the AutSPACEs project, an open-source, participatory research project. AutSPACEs is an online platform where autistic people can post ‘stories’ about their sensory experiences which can then be used for research. 

The third is a personal presentation I did that looks at the difficulties of employment for those with autism and other conditions and how that coincides with the struggles of navigating the benefits system. 


This past year I have also been a guest on several podcasts. The two below are the most recent. The first is again about AutSPACEs, more specifically the research side of the project and how we have been keeping the whole project Open Source and also accessible. The second one focuses more on my experiences and what it was like for me to navigate the system.