So Who Am I?

What’s with the Tally?

I chose to use a tally as my logo because it’s a symbol that holds a lot of significance for me. Back when I was in school I used keep track of how many seizures I was having by drawing tally charts on the back of my hand. At times they’d travel all the way up my arm and at one point I even got accused of cheating in an exam because of it.

Then on 30th April 2011, Steven Moffat copied my idea, implanting it into my number one special interest, Doctor Who! Of course the characters on the show were keeping count of The Silence not seizures, but it still meant something to me and my friends as well.

To me a tally is a symbol not only of the struggles I’ve overcome but also everything I’ve achieved since. It’s blank, could be counting anything and that’s what makes these simple five lines so symbolic and why I choose to use it to this day.