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I’ve been writing personal blogs for over seven years now. As someone with diagnosis of both epilepsy, high-functioning autism and depression not only acts as one of my main coping mechanisms but also as a tool for advocacy. I write about the harder parts of my life in order to spread awareness about these common yet frequently misunderstood conditions.

This is a personal blog so I cover other things like TV, politics and football. I am also hoping to be posting blogs more relevant to this site in the near future looking at topics such as concept development, illustration techniques etc.

I cannot guarantee how frequently I will be posting written content, the past few months my posts have been rather sporadic. But I’m hoping with the launch of this new platform I will get back into the flow of things.

For updates on when I post, follow me on Facebook or Instagram and if you’re interested in reading any of my previous work you can visit my old site by clicking here.

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