by | 24 Mar, 2020 | Miscellaneous


As society pauses I take a deep breath,

Look around me and accept I am blessed,

Isolated but by no means trapped,

Surrounded by family including my cat;

I have a home that is cosy and safe,

Unlike others who have far more to face.

The feeling in the air is panic and strife,

Yet the streets bare no signs of life;

As the human race simply attempts to survive,

Our planet begins to heal the waters again thrive.

You can’t have good without the bad

So let’s accept the hand that we have;

Reconnect with those far apart,

Who still hold a place deep in our hearts,

Be grateful for the technologies we choose to embrace,

To communicate with family when not face-to-face,

Let’s realise that things could be far more dire,

Without the health services that fight through the fire.

Hold onto the silver lining that surrounds this unprecedented time,

Appreciate what you have rather than whine.

Nothing is easy but it could be worse,

So let’s join together to beat this curse.

Support those who are vulnerable and in need,

And when all is over learn from those deeds.