Declaration to Potential Employers

When I decided to merge my blog with my portfolio site I didn’t initially take into consideration that what I write about may be a deterrent to potential employers.

I debated whether I should re-separate the sites or limit the subjects I write about, however, I consider myself to be advocate for people with invisible disabilities like my own. I write in full honesty and would be going against my own morals if I did not. For me writing is above all else a coping mechanism, my posts are sporadic and mainly focus on the negatives of my life as a result of this. I write in order to process my own issues with the hope that others facing them may gain comfort as a result of reading my blogs.

My epilepsy is currently under the best control it has been in decades and I hope with this all other issues will follow suit. Nothing that I experience affects my ability to work. I may need additional consideration and support, however, all in all I strongly believe the battles I face make me a more focused and determined worker. In fact my ASD makes me a better worker (just ask Microsoft)!

So if you are considering hiring me please do not dismiss my application just because I have epilepsy, high-functioning autism and depression.

Thank you.

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